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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Elementary Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/25/2023LicensedHorizons Elementary SchoolApply
PE TEACHER05/25/2023LicensedGamewell Elementary SchoolApply
EC Teacher (Adapted) (2023-2024)05/25/2023LicensedWhitnel Elementary SchoolApply
AIG Specialist05/25/2023LicensedCaldwell County SchoolsApply
Pre-k Itinerant teacher05/24/2023LicensedHorizons Elementary SchoolApply
EC Instructional Assistant05/23/2023ClassifiedExceptional ChildrenApply
Elementary Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/22/2023LicensedHudson Elementary SchoolApply
Math Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/22/2023LicensedGamewell Middle SchoolApply
Math/Science Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/22/2023LicensedGranite Falls Middle SchoolApply
Teacher, ELA (School Year 2023-2024)05/19/2023LicensedGamewell Middle SchoolApply
SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER05/18/2023LicensedGateway SchoolApply
PE TEACHER05/18/2023LicensedHappy Valley SchoolApply
School Counselor05/18/2023LicensedKings Creek SchoolApply
Math Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/17/2023LicensedWest Caldwell High SchoolApply
Art Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/17/2023LicensedHappy Valley SchoolApply
School Counselor05/17/2023LicensedCollettsville SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/17/2023ClassifiedGranite Falls Elementary SchoolApply
EC Teacher (Adapted) (School Year 2023-2024)05/16/2023LicensedDavenport Elementary SchoolApply
EC Teacher (Adapted) (School Year 2023-2024)05/16/2023LicensedSawmills Elementary SchoolApply
Theater Arts Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/16/2023LicensedSouth Caldwell High SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/15/2023LicensedSawmills Elementary SchoolApply
Pyramid Model Support Specialist05/15/2023LicensedPreschool Readiness CenterApply
Lead Custodian/Bus Driver05/15/2023ClassifiedHibriten High SchoolApply
Pre-K Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/15/2023ClassifiedDudley Shoals Elementary SchoolApply
Pre-K Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/15/2023ClassifiedWhitnel Elementary SchoolApply
WLMS Child Nutrition Manager (Internal Posting Only)05/15/2023ClassifiedChild Nutrition DepartmentApply
Early Childhood Preschool Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023LicensedHudson Elementary SchoolApply
CTE Exploring Construction (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023LicensedGranite Falls Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Behavioral Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedHorizons Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedKings Creek SchoolApply
Media Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedGranite Falls Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedGamewell Elementary SchoolApply
Lead Custodian/Bus Driver05/12/2023ClassifiedDudley Shoals Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedDudley Shoals Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant (School Year 2023-2024)05/12/2023ClassifiedDavenport Elementary SchoolApply
EC Teacher (Adapted) (School Year 2023-2024)05/10/2023LicensedWhitnel Elementary SchoolApply
STEM Coordinator/Seminar Teacher05/10/2023LicensedCaldwell Applied Sciences AcademyApply
EC Teacher (General)05/10/2023LicensedHudson Elementary SchoolApply
Middle School Teacher; Science/SS (School Year 2023-2024)05/08/2023LicensedWilliam Lenoir Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/08/2023LicensedValmead Elementary SchoolApply
CTE Health Science Teacher (Middle School)05/05/2023LicensedWilliam Lenoir Middle SchoolApply
CTE Health Science Teacher05/05/2023LicensedSouth Caldwell High SchoolApply
Seminar Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/04/2023LicensedCaldwell Early CollegeApply
Early Childhood Preschool Teacher05/04/2023LicensedWhitnel Elementary SchoolApply
Early Childhood Preschool Teacher05/04/2023LicensedKings Creek SchoolApply
Athletic Coach (Cheer)05/04/2023CoachingWest Caldwell High SchoolApply
English 1 Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/04/2023LicensedSouth Caldwell High SchoolApply
Virtual Learning High School Science Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/03/2023LicensedCaldwell OnlineApply
Virtual Learning High School English Teacher (School Year 2023-2024)05/03/2023LicensedCaldwell OnlineApply
Virtual Learning Elementary Teacher; 4th/5th grades only (School Year 2023-2024)05/03/2023LicensedCaldwell OnlineApply